Harshaw Trane is committed to achieving and maintaining excellence statewide, and our talented, innovative engineers help make it possible.


When you join us, you join a world-class team of professionals who are dedicated, forward thinking, team-oriented and consistently effective.

We understand that your success as an engineer drives our success as a company.


In addition to continuous improvements and strategic investments in our engineering processes, we ensure that you have ample and ongoing opportunities for professional development and growth.

With us, you'll constantly be challenged to expand your knowledge and skills through roles and experiences including project management, value analysis/value engineering, and sustainability /energy efficiency.

Throughout your career with us, your development and training will include a focus on innovation and the development of your technical and leadership skills.


Career paths in engineering with Harshaw Trane can encompass a broad range of positions, including:

  • Systems Engineer

  • Electrical Engineer

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • Industrial Engineer

  • Application Engineer

  • Project Manager

While you may begin your career as an engineer, Harshaw offers career paths leading from engineering into many other functions and leadership roles.


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